Automated Binary Trading Systems

We are certain that you, just like us, have been bombarded with enticements to use an automated binary options trading platform of one kind or the other within the last couple of months. They all look very inviting with these testimonials of thousands of dollars made within the first few hours or weeks.

For some people, that possibly could be the case. But don’t hold your breath that it will happen for you. We had a nightmare situation happen that we won’t tell you about as it shows how trusting we can be at times which, unfortunately, can be a bad characteristic when it comes to these kinds of things.

Things to look for when trying to determine if Automated Binary Trading Systems are legitimate

  • One thing to look for is the name, address, and contact number of the sponsoring company. If it is not anywhere in the advertising, you may be in for a difficult time. In our nightmare, we wrote one email after the other, at first not getting a reply, and then getting canned replies – no real human to respond to us.
  • This leads to the second thing to check. Call the phone number to see who answers and what the customer service is like. In our nightmare, some sweet soul offered a phone number which we called. It took a long time to be answered. Though the person was nice, she sounded like she was just manning the phones to have someone answer the phone. Nothing we talked about was accomplished.
  • Thirdly, know who the binary option brokers company is. Is it regulated? Does it operate under any particular set of rules? If you live in the United States, you are used to having some kind of authority to help you if there is a problem with the bank or binary options brokers. This is not always the case with these offers having to do with automatic trading. Most, though not all, are unregulated and located outside the United States.


Automated Binary Trading Systems – Conclusion

In our opinion, which may not be correct, these offers are being made in the hopes that, eventually, you will migrate to a flesh and blood broker who will entice you to put most of your money with him/her. Therefore, they will be getting a commission on the sales, which is fine, as long as they do take care of your money – which is not always the case.

If you have connected with an automatic trading program which you believe to be legitimate and a good investment, please let us know and I will tell the others. In the meantime, buyer beware!

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