Ultimate 4 Trading Scams

Ultimate 4 Trading is a binary options trading tool that promises users the possibility of reducing investment risks significantly, and making huge profits. The tool has been reviewed extensively on the internet, with some reviewers pointing out its pros, while critics underscore its weaknesses, noting that it is a Scam.
The question of whether or not Ultimate 4 Trading is a Scam is not uncommon. However, before deciding to use the binary options trading software, it is important to consider the possible reasons why it could be a Scam.
This is so particularly considering that the internet is flooded with various binary trading options that purport to enable traders to make big profits with almost zero risks – but do not live up to what they offer.

Ultimate 4 Trading – The new Scam from EZTrader after Searching Profits

Although the promotional messages for Ultimate 4 Trading imply that the software is foolproof, it is noteworthy that the tool could be a Scam, due to a number of reasons. To start with, the vendors of the program say that the system is designed to reduce risks, and guarantee high profits for the user. This coupled with the fact that it is free and requires no education or training to implement make it too good to be true.
There have been several other binary option bots promoted online as having the ability to deliver high, instant profits, only to turn out to be Scams. Accordingly, it is wise to be skeptical when using the program to avoid falling prey to the scammers’ tricks.
Secondly, EZtrader has been linked with other binary trading options that have been widely infamous for being illegitimate. This gives a reason for traders to be skeptical with the trading robot. One such software that was promoted by EZtrader as a sure profit maker is Searching Profits Scam, a tool that purported to help traders to get rich fast, but never lived up to what the creators had promised.
If you think about Searching Profits and relate it to what the promotional campaigns say about Ultimate 4 Trading, you would be hesitant before putting your eggs in one basket with regard to Ultimate 4 Trading software.
Lastly, Ultimate 4 Trading is not a binary options trading interface; rather, it is only a software, meaning that what the creators are saying about its ability to deliver accurate data about trading options may not be reliable.
On the same note, the trading tool is marketed as an independent robot, yet it the traders’ money is held and managed by EZtrader, a company that some internet traders believe is out to get unsuspecting binary options traders’ money.

What are the reasons for Ultimate 4 Trading being a Scam?

Ultimate 4 Trading is an automated binary options trading software that was created to simplify trading for options traders. According to the system’s creators and promoters, it has the capacity to significantly reduce risks involved in binary options trading, and guarantee high profits.
However, it is noteworthy that the software is not foolproof, and a simple intern search returns a series of negative reviews that necessitate an answer to the question: “What are the reasons for Ultimate 4 Trading being a scam?” In answering this question, it emerges that Ultimate 4 Trading, promoted by EZtrader, is not what its promoters say it is, after all.
Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to think that Ultimate 4 Trading is a Scam is the fact that it is too good to be true. A careful look at the binary options trading software reveals that the system is supposed to be free of charge, extremely easy to use, and guarantee extraordinarily high, instant profits.
It seems that for someone using Ultimate 4 Trading, there is almost zero chance of making a loss. Looking at these supposed features, every careful binary options trader should have a reason to worry.
This is because the binary options trading business is inherently a risky business. For the marketers to purport that the system guarantees trade profits is by all means unrealistic, a fact that explains why Ultimate 4 Trading is a Scam.
Besides, Ultimate 4 Trading is promoted by EZtrader, a binary options trading company that has in the past been associated with software and other interfaces that ended up being scams, such as SearchingProfits and OptionNavigator. Although the company is legitimately registered and regulated, its operations have not been without question, as many binary options traders have cried foul after dealing with the options trading firm.
Many online reviewers have also raised concerns about EZtrader engaging in fraudulent activities, underscoring the need for users to think twice before registering with Ultimate 4 Trading that is promoted by EZtrader as a great tool.

Inconsistencies and False Advertising

In addition, the fact that Ultimate 4 Trading promotional campaigns contain a myriad of inconsistencies is another concern. For example, some marketing messages imply that the binary options trading system is independent, whereby traders create an account and start trading.
However, on trying to create an account, the user is redirected to the EZtrader platform. Also, the promoters say that the system uses a sophisticated algorithm to gather market data and make calculations. However, Ultimate 4 Trading is not really a trading interface; rather, it is an online program, which lacks the capacity to deliver the accurate calculations that its creators purport it does. In view of the inconsistencies that characterize the promotional campaign fronted for Ultimate 4 Trading, it is apparent that it is only a matter of time before the binary options trading tool is confirmed as just another Scam from EZtrader.
Fittingly, if you are considering a binary options trading software or interface, it is imperative to exercise caution to avoid becoming another victim of the Scam.

What is The Way Forward Then?

If you are looking for a reliable binary options trading tool, and are considering Ultimate 4 Trading – The new Scam from EZtrader after Searching Profits, you want to be skeptical before making the final decisions, to avoid falling victim.
The World Wide Web is full of such trading tools and interfaces that end up being Scams. It helps to be watchful.

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18 Replies to “Ultimate 4 Trading Scams”

  1. I tested their demo account and discovered that I only got winning trades when the trade timer was set on 00.00.00 – at a loss. `scam. I was lucky not to invest in this FRAUD!

  2. I took 42 of the positions offered on their DEMO site. 34 of them (ie, 80%) were wins. Or rather, they were shown as wins within my history of closed trades. Many of those trades labelled as wins were positions which I had monitored to expiry and which closed at a loss. It appears that on the DEMO the ‘CLOSED’ log is a false record, showing far more wins than were actually achieved. I presume that if I were to open a real account, the real-world performance would fail to match the recorded demo performance. Users who lost heart after trading for real with EZ and who ceased actively trading would then be repeatedly hit by 50 euro inactivity penalty – and would have to cough up another 50 euros to close the account.

    I acknowledge that my findings might not be typical. Other players might actually win. But I have seen enough to dissuade me from moving beyond the DEMO trial.

  3. ultimate4trading net is a TOTAL SCAM! The demo version and the real version are 2 different things one has nothing to do with the other wich is not mentioned anywhere on their site.

  4. Thank you for the review and to those who have posted their experiences. I’ll be giving this a miss but I am at a loss to find a program/software that is honest and works; perhaps there aren’t any and they are all scams

    1. There is NO algo that actually works. I actually trade professionally for a living and I can tell you that the best human traders trade mostly on the basis of a huge amount of SPECIFIC analysis. I.e. the analysis is that relevant to the particular trade in a particular market at a particular point in time. For this reason, no algo can really replicate the best trading analysis deeply enough to be effective
      You CAN consistently make profits as a trader but, like almost everything else, you need to dedicate a huge amount of time to understanding and WATCHING the markets, and also to analyzing companies and economies and studying geopolitical events and their consequences.
      I can tell you as of right now, there is NO algo on wall street that is effective and certainly it is EXTREMELY unlikely that university projects can result quickly in an effective algo because if it was that easy then there would be huge numbers of people doing this. In fact, if there was an algo that worked to predict the market, it would have to be fully adaptive because its own influence on the market would change the way people trade. We see no such evidence in any market at the moment.
      Caveat emptor with anything that promises a quick profit for little work.

  5. Not only is Ultimate4Trading a Scam but EZTrader is also a scam. I monitored 2 x 60 second trades through to completion and both won ( I also watched the trades on another platform ) At the end of the trades, it took approximately 20 min’s to see a result and it was the total opposite to what had happened!
    I obviously sent numerous emails to both ultimate4Trading and EZTrader with out any reaction or reply from either party. Please, Please, Please save your money don’t use either of the above parties.

  6. Sadly I deposited my money before realizing just what a scam this is and now of my £500 investment I am only “allowed” £168 of that back. Of course when I tried to withdraw the money the page kept jumping off so I cannot even get that back. I guess that is lost to. If anybody has the names and pictures of these people it would be great if you could post them so that no one else gets scammed. Also I would dearly love to pay them a visit.

  7. This is definitely a scam. In demo mode I had a put and call on the same equity within the same time period. Only 1 could possibly win but in the closed section it showed both as winners. I also have two other trades showing as losses when the counter got to zero but in the closed trades they both showed as winners. It seems that the demo mode is fixed to show losing trades as winners in the closed trades section.

  8. The whole website appears to be a scam.

    Pretending to operate out of Cyprus – where i could not locate a registration. Meanwhile a representative for the company told me via Skype that the company operates under Cypriot laws whereas the website states the laws are subject to those of the United Kingdom – which do not exist !!!!! Scotland and Northern Ireland have separate legal systems while England & Wales has one of its own too.

    After further investigation it appears that Ultimate4Trading does not exist as a legal entity but is hiding under the name of WGM Services Limited.

    The conclusion is it must be scam…….


  9. Of course it’s a scam! Never forget the old adage: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”.

    If you want to invest in stocks: do the research yourself and use your own judgement. Otherwise pin a stock list to a darts board, put on a blind fold and throw some darts.

  10. I didn’t even get my account verified so I couldn’t even play! I am in the ptocess of recovering my £200 from my CC company and am going to report the fraud to the police. (I appreciate the are registered in Cyprus but you never know). i am more concerned about ID theft and have also taken steps to protect myself.

  11. Paul
    thanks all I was just about to put some money in to this.
    looks like back to the drawing board and make it the hard way lots of reading and forward thinking.

  12. I disagree that EZTrader is scam. I’m trading binary options for a while, I’m not a new trader, and I traded with many different binary options platforms and with EZTrader I had good experience. eztrader’s platform is simple, reliable platform, and they are regulated (not like many other companies) and I’ve made some nice profits with them.
    I have done my homework long time ago comparing brokers and platforms, and you won’t find EZTraderr different from the big and trusted companies. I didn’t have any issues with them, actually they helped me when I started trading and they were very helpful.

    1. You may be an okay binary trader through experience but one thing is for sure, these guys don’t have an algo that predicts the markets because if they did they would be too busy making money from the algo themselves rather than selling it out to anyone else.

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